Friday, August 13, 2010

Lest Anybody Forget

The reason I started this blog was because of a horrendous mishap with the medical community. Not just one person, but each and every person who was involved in my care.

Here is what I thought would happen... I imagined that I would be treated with respect. I really did! I had no idea that surgery had been transformed in the 20 years since my last surgery. I didn't have any problem with my c-section, looking back, probably because they didn't want to harm my baby. It was a rough pregnancy. They respected my wishes even though I am a difficult patient.

I had full confidence in the "informed consent" laws and sorry, I expected them to be followed. I have had other major surgeries and my teams in those cases were only concerned with my well being, AND they made sure that whatever they did to me they had my full consent and permission. Everything was fully revealed and those things I didn't want done to me weren't done. Nobody argued with me or made a big deal out of any of it. No shocking surprises at all. My trust in them was well warranted.

So I had preconceived notions about the trustworthiness of medical staff. I also had the strange idea that informed consent laws meant something. They always had before. I was completely innocent about what medical care has become. My trusting innocence was betrayed in a violent way by those people whose job it was to take care of me. Instead of helping me, I was attacked.

To begin with I had a CRNA who didn't identify himself as an anesthesia NURSE. I didn't even know they had such things. I wasn't expecting to have g/a so I wouldn't have been that concerned anyway. I certainly wouldn't have let a nurse give me a dangerous (his words) nerve block! He put himself up on a pedestal so high that he actually had the nerve to tell me (afterward of course) that he "knows what's best" for me. Forgive me, but this is INSULTING! How dare you people decide to do things to a patients mind and body which the patient has declined based on "I'm so wonderful and perfect that I don't care what risk the patient wishes, I know what's best." It's unbelievable. Then to say NOTHING about their devious plans to kick me in the head with a drug like Versed and then viciously knock me out against my will is breathtaking. Words can't convey how WRONG this is, how evil, it's immoral, unethical, violent, and psychotic. Nobody can read minds, I can't and neither could my anesthesia nurse. I was very clear about the limits I placed on this CRNA and he never said a word, just ordered Versed to force me into obedience.

Then to have all the rest of the CRNA's behave in the same anti social way because I have the nerve to complain is mind boggling. Do they teach you this in CRNA school or what? Don't they teach you about the laws that govern your behavior and drug pushing? Do you have a clue as to what "informed consent" is? Do you really think that you can read minds? Do you believe that you are so perfect that a mere patient can't place any restraints at all on what you want to do? Can you do your job without using Versed? Do you have a shred of doubt about imposing your will on defenseless patients? Do you have an ounce of empathy for what you are forcing patients to endure? After dealing with you people (and I use the term loosely) all I see is overweening egotistical behavior and an inability to see anybody else's point of view. All you care about is your salary and getting the most money you can for the least amount of work. You seem to care about NOTHING but your own selfishness.

I hope that you all lose your jobs. We need somebody else to take over for you since you CAN'T do your job properly within the confines of the law. We need sympathetic people who are not overpaid to the point of arrogance.

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