Monday, May 4, 2009

Comments from Health Care providers

I have searched the web for years now due to the obsessive behavior brought about by Versed. Here are some highlights from various places. The italics are mine.

"Overall, I am a big fan of procedural sedation (and it is PROCEDURAL sedation, not the oxymoronic “conscious sedation” )
As a part-time ER doc I do a lot of painful procedures, and its better for the patient to have no pain and memory of the unpleasantness, and
waaaay better for me to have an extremely cooperative patient who won’t make an unexpected move, or scream in my ear at critical point."

Note that this person starts out with the standard lie about patient needs (how would he know this anyway? Is he/she psychic?) and then tells us the TRUE reason why he/she likes this drug. It is better for you to be treated to a drug induced psychotic fugue state and years of psychotherapy than for you to "scream in my ear."

"Don't listen to the paranoid person who thinks I'm trying to market this drug. It really helped during my procedure. Sheesh - do you think I should have simply had four teeth pulled with no sedation? If so, you're a better person than me I suppose. I, on the other hand, prefer no pain and am happy that I don't recall the procedure. Oh, and my short term and long term memory is fine now four days later."

Oh uhuh! Just because you are too much of a WUSS to deal with a simple procedure doesn't mean nobody can. Yes I am a better person than you are if dealing with a little of life's unpleasantness in an adult way is the criteria!

That was a person from that claims that she must have sedation for a dental procedure that most of us have undergone. She seems to feel proud that she is such a total wimp that she cannot bear dental work without being blasted into oblivion! Fine. But DO NOT pretend that just because you have a dental PHOBIA that the rest of us should be subjected to the poison Versed. This attitude is a common feature of people who like the drug. Demonize those adults that are capable of dealing with some unpleasantness without resorting to drugs.

"I know I'm no shrink, but it seems to me that most of the people who have had a bad experience with this drug also have some pretty significant other "issues" as well. Bottom line is that during the procedure, you are partly conscious and aware that you aren't in control. If you've got control issues, you may be better off with the sledghammer anesthesias post procedure."

Another from www.askapatient .com. Even if you were a shrink honey babe, it still doesn't give you permission to surmise that "some have pretty significant other "issues" as well." I would like to ask this person what a sledgehammer POST procedure is supposed to do. Personally I would like pain medication on demand... Just because you my friend are a big baby and quite possibly a drug user, doesn't grant you the right to dictate what others should be happy with.

"You need to sign a consent form PRIOR to being sedated (which discusses sedation and it's risks), which is your patient responsibility to read. If you don't understand it, ask. You do have the option to have the procedure without sedation. I in no way dispute that there are those who have had some of the more severe side effects from Versed, but I see 99.9% of our patients waking up feeling great-and coming back for repeat procedures with no complaints from the last time."

This is a total lie from beginning to end. It is not the patients' responsibility to know what to ask. It is the trained medical professionals job to ensure that the patient knows what's coming AND the side effects. I have written about this in other posts. 99% of patients are NOT waking up feeling great. They are complaining about the drug and being laughed at and told that this can't possibly be from the poison they injected into you without proper information. These people do NOT get an informed consent from most patients if you consider that amnesia is something worth mentioning. A lot of patients aren't getting an anesthesia consent at all. They are duped into signing a vague "consent to treat" which states that the Doctor can do anything he deems desirable. This means that you have zero information and the doc has carte blanche to assault you with any drugs or treatments that can influence his money making capabilities.

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