Friday, May 8, 2009

More on "Why You Can't Sue"

In another post I talk about why you can't sue. Here's another reason that you stupid ignorant patients can't sue. YOUR EXPERT WITNESS IS GOING TO BE "PREEMPTIVELY SUED! That's correct. Your expert witness Doctor is going to be preemptively sued by an outfit called Medical Justice. Medical INJUSTICE is more like it. They want compliant, obedient and completely helpless patients. They want to make their obscene money without any downside. They are going to threaten and intimidate the patient, and now their expert witness until they get their way.

Medical Justice claims that they are only trying to protect doctors from "frivolous" lawsuits. FYI "frivolous" lawsuits are any and every lawsuit against a quack doctor who should have his/her license pulled. So now, the patient has been harmed, every single patient law has been broken, the patients are not allowed to sue (or can't afford to sue) tort reform has limited liability, they want "gag orders" issued against patients and medical rating sites, and just to make sure that the patient is completely helpless, they are going to make sure that you can't even get an expert witness to tell the truth without fear of reprisal.

And they wonder why our health care is so monstrously expensive? These people are like sharks circling the water for the smell of blood. They want to have complete freedom to assault you and break the law, and they want zero responsibility for their carelessness. What a deal. It is sickening what medical care has become in this country. Yet we hear the howls of protest and the outright lies from the medical community as to why this is so.

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