Saturday, May 27, 2017

Midazolam and Murder on TV

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, episode 25 has a plot which involves a murderer using Versed/Midazolam.  The exact same drug that your friendly medical providers will tell you is simply a little sedative.  Something to make you happy and relaxed.  If Versed/Midazolam is innocuous, why then are television shows using it as the method their fictional homicidal characters use to gain compliance?  They aren't using Fentanyl or Valium.  They are rightly demonizing Versed/Midazolam along with the killers.

Does it make you feel better that Midazolam is only available through a prescription?  Are hospitals et al lax with Versed/Midazolam because they believe their own hype about how "safe" this drug is?  It's very disturbing how many nefarious uses this drug has, not just in a medical setting where Versed is used to extract secrets from patients or so the medical staff can indulge in a little torture under the premise that the patient won't remember it anyway.  Murder, rape, torture, legal lethal injections, forced confessions, all using Versed.

Whether it's murder or unintentional (iatrogenic) harm this drug has no place in a civilized society, in my opinion.  Hopefully as professional writers use this drug in their plots, public awareness will cause people in the medical field to rethink their use of this poison. Maybe the FDA can step in and reexamine their sanguine attitude towards Versed?  I would like to see it banned.

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