Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Another Example of a Comment by an Ignorant Twit

Isn't this cute?  Yes I still get erudite posts from time to time.  Here is one person's idea of a well thought out, reasoned comment on a post of mine.  (giggling)  I sure hope that this person isn't in health care.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Recent Spate of Hate Mail": 

Implying you have your MD and know everything about midazolam. You probably are also an antivaxxer who probably hasn't even gone to college. 


Let's look at how incredibly perspicacious this cretin is.  You would think that they would want to take credit for this little gem wouldn't you?  Instead they post under anonymous.  Typical.  

Honey babe, I have NEVER implied that I am an MD.  I have never STATED that I am an MD.  I have NEVER implied that I know everything about Midazolam.  I don't know EVERYTHING about anything, nor do you.  If you knew just EVERYTHING about Versed, why haven't you enlightened all of us?  Your imply that you know everything about Versed, so let's hear it.  

This next statement is truly bizarre.  What the hell has my attitude towards vaccines got to do with Versed?  Other than the fact that they are both injectable, the one thing has nothing to do with the other, does it?  I'm unclear why this red herring would be dragged into discussions about Versed, but it must make some kind of sense to the commenter.  

Look at the structure of this sentence:  You PROBABLY are also an anti-vaxxer who PROBABLY hasn't even gone to college.  Wow.  So well put.  Very good, you get an "F" for that sentence, just as a sentence let alone the ridiculous content.  Please tell me that you are not claiming to be college educated with that comment...

So, since I had a very bad experience with an immoral, untrained, arrogant, lunatic of a crna wielding a syringe of Versed, because he relied on an evil amnesia drug with KNOWN SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS to hide his lack of skill in pain relief, I am pretending to be an MD, I'm an anti-vaxxer (used as a pejorative) and haven't been to college.  Judging by the poster's lack of skill in either presenting his/her side of the argument, or writing a cogent sentence, I would have to say that this person is an uneducated rube.  God help us if he/she has access to Versed and helpless, trusting patients.

I love it!  Keep them coming all you oh-so-very-smart people.  The only reason I allow "anonymous" postings is because I'm amused by this kind of thing.  It gives me something to write about.

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