Friday, September 11, 2015

Posting on this Blog

Sorry to any reader who wants to post on this blog.  From time to time I have to block "anonymous" postings, mainly because of one nurse who has some kind of obsession with me/this blog.  This person must come here daily and try to post...   I recently allowed anonymous postings again and IMMEDIATELY I got a nasty post.  So we are back to only identifiable postings.  You may also email me at  I will NOT post the contents of your email without your expressed consent.  I will not reveal your identity on this blog.  I'm sorry I have to do this because many of you want to share your thoughts and experiences with Versed without worrying about vicious personal attacks.  All it takes in one creepy stalker of a nurse to wreck it for everybody, right? Oh well.  We may have to deal with these people in our daily lives, but NOT on this blog.


  1. Just wanted to thank everyone on this blog for their inputs. Had my first colonoscopy ever at age 57 yesterday.The endo lab staff were pretty shocked as was my Dr. I had no flack though, no one tried to talk me out of it other than a couple of "are you sures?" . It was not bad at all, was done in 20 minutes , watched the whole thing live on tv right in front of me. A couple of cramps and he was at the secum in about 5 minutes. I probably would have taken the propofol option but after reading this blog decided to go it un-drugged. It was no big deal. We were talking about restaurants and football during the process.No polyps or anything. see you in 10 years. Dont be afraid to get this un- drugged.I was the 2nd one this year at the clinic.

  2. I just had a drug-free colonoscopy on Sept 15 at my GI suite in the hospital that is in my insurance group. The nurses were divided with their opinions with some giving me a thumbs-up sign and supportive and some saying that I was either brave or crazy.I told them I had done my research and was not concerned in the least. The anesthesiologist was the hardest one to get by with the " are you sure , cause once we start it would be too late to do anything to ease the pain",( I refused the IV insertion). I said I would be fine and the whole procedure was done in about 20 minutes during which we all talked about football and restaurants. The discomfort was a cramping feeling which stopped as soon as the doctor eased up for about 5 seconds. Then proceeded again.It was a 2 on the pain scale, at most. I am clean and will do this drug-free in another 10 years. My feeling is that the staff would rather not have to deal with an awake patient that raises their hand and says slow down for a second to adjust to the tube, it wastes their valuable time.Too bad!! It's my body.