Saturday, September 5, 2015

Controversy Over Midazolam/Versed Back in Court

There is a huge controversy over using Versed/Midazolam to execute prisoners.  Apparently the powers that be don't want to disseminate this information, but *I* do.  The convicted killers have seen/heard of the botched executions using Versed and they don't want the drug used on them.  I have found maybe the one thing that criminals and I agree on.

Here are a couple of news articles on this subject:

Judge upholds Tenn. lethal injection method, Miss. executions blocked |

Death Penalty Case Inflames Supreme Court Passions - NBC News

As I have previously stated, I have zero sympathy for these people, convicted of heinous crimes, but I do agree that Versed should not be used...on anybody.  If it's "cruel and unusual punishment" for a criminal to be conscious (as in conscious sedation) then it is even more cruel to use Versed on INNOCENT PATIENTS!  I cannot understand why this drug could be considered cruel and unusual for people who are going to die, but absolutely fine for trusting patients who are going to live. (hopefully)  The same arguments used by the convicts can be used by the rest of us.  This poison leaves us awake and aware, just unable to remember it later. (in many cases, but not all)  So, Versed forces the death penalty recipients to be awake and aware, able to respond to commands etc. but unable to resist the people they KNOW are going to execute them.  Can it get any worse?   Maybe this is exactly what they did to their victims.  Does that make it right to subject any human being to the horror of Versed?  

Should patients also be rendered helpless, awake and aware while the medical minions torture them and laugh at their pain and helplessness?  A civilized society should never stoop to using such a diabolical drug.  It is a clue as to how degenerate society is today that a drug like this is used, even for the death penalty.  My opinion.

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