Sunday, August 16, 2015

Medical Cartel and Rape

Here is the latest post I've found extolling the virtues of Versed.  This is the most ill thought out, outrageous idea yet.  All of us are going to be put at risk because medical minions and big pharma love their Versed.  SHAME ON YOU MEDICAL PEOPLE!

Midazolam Nasal Spray May Reduce Seizures | Medpage Today

Notice even the declaration includes the word MAY.  This monumentally stupid idea hasn't even been proven effective and yet they want to put this dangerous drug out on the street in aerosol form.  Absolutely unconscionable.  So now rapists and robbers can simply spray their victim to get instant compliance coupled with amnesia.  For something that MAY help with seizures?  OMG.  This drug needs to be banned entirely not have new ways dreamed up that MAY or may not help with some off label use.

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