Sunday, August 9, 2015

Endo Nurse Link

Here is what I got from a reader.  Thanks AJ.

"I've been following your blog for many years.  I had a problem with Versed about 20 years ago before there was any information about the drug on the internet.  I don't recall seeing the link below on unsedated colonoscopy on your blog.  Of particular note is the comment.
By the way, yesterday I had my second unsedated colonoscopy.  While I know that not everyone is the same, I felt no pain the entire procedure.
Keep up the good work with your blog."


email reprinted with permission from the reader in its entirety without any changes.

5 years ago this study was published.  Has anybody heard about the findings?  Well, surprise, surprise!  Here is an eye-opener of a quote.  "The advantages of unsedated colonoscopy include the elimination of the risks associated with sedation, especially in patients with comorbidities; a reduction in the recovery time after the procedure; a decrease in the need for cardiopulmonary monitoring; and a significant reduction in cost."  "The elimination of the risks associated with sedation. "  According to our own esteemed anesthesia providers there are no "risks associated with sedation".  The KEY in this statement is found in the rest of the sentence..."reduction in recovery time" and "significant reduction of cost."  Our medical system is focused on making everything as expensive as humanly possible.  Recovery time is charged in increments of 15 minute intervals where I went.  So every 15 minutes the medical facility can keep you in the recovery room, it's that much more money they can extract from the patient and/or the patient's insurance company.  The expensive nurses for whom the patients are being charged EXTRA because he/she has to monitor the patient more closely adds to the cost as well.  This is a MAJOR disincentive for the medical minions to forego sedation.  "A significant reduction in cost" is the very last thing our medical cartel is interested in.

  How about this quote from the article? ". “We compared patients who underwent either unsedated colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy for primary colorectal cancer screening and found no significant differences in pain scores, patient acceptance, or need for sedation.”  By this statement we glean that there is no difference in patient satisfaction whether sedation is used or not.  I'll bet if this article went farther, they would find that many people did not like the after effects of sedation days or weeks post procedure.  Sedation is used in our country to maximize hospital profit among other purposes.  Is it the primary one?  Who knows because our medical minions will not admit to any of this.

Please do read the article and also the comment my reader speaks of.  If you haven't read anything else on this blog, it will surprise you.

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