Saturday, November 29, 2014

EMT's Unauthorized Use of Versed/Midazolam

EMT's use the "sedative" (amnesia and obedience drug ONLY) Versed/Midazolam to make their jobs easier too.  I include them in my "medical personnel" description, but some may not think of EMT's using Versed.  They appear to love it as much as the minions in hospitals and surgical suites do.  A friend of mine sent me this article:

Click here: 3 Texas medics suspended over drug administration

Pay special attention to the posts below the article.  They are ALL in favor of using the brain poison and without authorization from a person who has an MD behind their name.  They feel it its their RIGHT to inject Versed into anybody and everybody without MEDICAL DOCTORS permission.  The EMT's don't like it when a real doctor interferes with their plan of action.  The EMT's want us to know that Versed/Midazolam is "safe".  People don't DIE from getting shot up with Versed!  Of course not.  The EMT's did nothing wrong and didn't deserve to be disciplined.  Benzos are 100% safe, too bad for the dead people but it wasn't the Versed.  All kinds of excuses.

 Note; The article takes great pains to say that it wasn't the Versed that killed these people, that the EMT's were merely punished for using Versed without authorization.  If Versed was so risk free than why would the EMT's need authorization in the first place?  Why would the doctor(s) be upset with the EMT's for using the drug on the patients who later died, if they didn't believe that Versed/Midazolam wasn't inextricably tied to the deaths?  It makes no sense.

 Something about this drug makes normal (?) people write rabid responses to anybody who dares criticize its use  The author of the news report is wrong, sensationalizing etc.  Versed is good and necessary and they WILL use it. The EMT's don't care if a doctor authorizes its use or tells them not to use it.  Easy enough to fail to report what they are doing isn't it?  Except for this particular case where the EMT's were called on the carpet for using Versed without permission.  (and without a second thought as to the safety of the patients they were "caring" for.)


  1. You have lost your ever-loving mind.

  2. I included the above comment to illustrate what I wrote. If you look at the first sentence of my last paragraph you will see where I wrote "Something about this drug makes normal (?) people write rabid responses to anybody who dares criticize its use." So somebody responds exactly as I say they do! Gotta love it.