Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ANOTHER Amnesia Drug

A reader sent me this link.

 Anesthesia-related memory loss lasts days, study warns

This one is about yet another Versed style drug which causes AMNESIA.  The description of the effects of the drug are exactly like the description of Versed.  Amnestic, hypnotic, sedative used for CONSCIOUS SEDATION and ANESTHESIA INDUCTION.  Sound familiar?  The study needs to say that PRE-ANESTHESIA DRUGS and SEDATIVE DRUGS used as an adjunct to anesthesia are the culprit for continued memory loss.  Well duh, disrupt the delicate process of memory retention with a powerful drug and then be astonished when the memory loss that THEY WANTED AND CAUSED continues.  What the Hell?  Cause amnesia deliberately and then be all shocked like when it persists?  Are these people really smarter than the rest of us?

Oh yes, this Etomidate is a "good" drug except for the long term memory loss. Who cares that the patient is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's afterward?  The patient is out of their hair by then.  Good job medical people.

If you don't want your brain destroyed by the medical field decline ANY kind of sedation.

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