Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Sanctimonious Pack of Lies

The following comment is from yet another anonymous.  Funny how these anesthesia people refuse to take responsibility for their diatribes isn't it?  lol

"This is ridiculous, you are clearly over reacting to the situation, Versed is not a completely 100% benign drug, no drug is, there are always possible side effects or complications with any drug, it is a calculated risk vs benefit ratio that must be considered and weighed with each patient based on their history and current condition.
To accuse anesthesia practitioners as being malicious or deceitful by administering this medication is just ignorant, this medication is not given for our benefit, we are patient advocates first and Versed is one tool in our tool box to help prevent surgical awareness and recall. If you don't know, intraop awareness and recall is a major concern, mostly because if this occurs there is no way of us to know because during most procedures the patient is chemically paralyzed to protect the patient from injury related to moving while the surgeon is operating. Versed is an amnestic medication given so you don't experience intraop awareness or post op recall. Now call me crazy but I would much rather not remember being cut open or scoped or whatever procedure I would be going through and a couple hours of recovery time than to actually remember it all. By signing the anesthesia consent form you are giving us permission to provide you the 3 A's of anesthesia (amnesia, analgesia, and anesthesia), If you would like to know all the details of every medication you are to be given, ASK! I personally always tell my patients what versed does and to this date I have never had 1 patient say they don't want it or have a problem with temporary chemical induced amnesia.
To say Versed is driving the cost of medical procedure through the roof is also just wrong, Versed is cheap (a box of 25 2mg/2ml vials costs approximately 54$, that equates out to $2.16 per 2mg vial (which is the typical premedication dose). The number of people that require the level of "post versed therapy" you are referring to vs the # that don't is minuscule, so to say it's a driving force in making huge profits for the medical field is just inaccurate, there is no conspiracy here to suck $ out of patients by giving them drugs that are going to have a negative long term effect on their psyche.
I have personally undergone several procedures in which I have received Versed and have never had a single problem with it. To wish all those terrible things you speak of on another is just wrong, I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I would never wish the same on another if it were me that went through it.

You need to seek psychological therapy for your issues if you haven't yet, five years is a loooong time to be this obsessed about one single bad experience."

No honey babe, I am not "over reacting" to the situation.  I was deliberately and maliciously injected with a "lethal injection drug" in defiance of my stated wishes, without permission and it caused me harm.  I have NOT "over reacted" I have reacted like any normal person who is assaulted.

I'm glad you admit that Versed isn't a completely benign drug.  I already know this due to my own "over reaction" to the poison, but thanks for confirming it.  The last part of your run on sentence is false.  Completely and categorically false.  There is no "calculated risk vs (sic) benefit ratio".  You know this is a bald faced lie.  You don't calculate any risk vs. benefit at all when it comes to Versed.  You just routinely use it on everybody.  Risk vs. benefit my patooty.  Nice try.  ..."considered and weighed with each patient based on their history and current condition."?  You expect us to believe this sanctimonious and self serving lie as well?  ROFL.  You don't consider and weigh any such thing with regard to Versed and you know it.  The most patients can expect is that you will give 2mls of the poison to start with and then you may "consider and weigh" how much more you can get away with injecting.  Whether we need/want it or not.

You ARE being deceitful and malicious.  You want an amnestic and "cooperative" patient at any cost to the patient.  It amazes me the amount of denial and self righteousness you people exhibit.  The medication isn't given for YOUR benefit?  Really?  Then how come I couldn't opt out of Versed?  I had a terrible reaction to it, but according to you it was given for MY benefit?  If it was for MY benefit, I wouldn't have gotten it.  What did *I* need Versed for?  Answer:  I didn't.  I said NO to any such thing.  Therefore it was given for the benefit of the nasty little anesthesia nurse.  The one who was illegally posing as a doctor.

As for your "tool box" analogy, you need to get rid of the bad tool.  I had AWARENESS you idiot!  Haven't you read any part of my story?  The evil drug Versed didn't work on me, just like it doesn't work on a whole bunch of us.  What I recall was horrible comments about me, the inability to resist them, the sickening obedience and the like.  You use it to PREVENT intraoperative awareness?  You can't tell if somebody is experiencing intraoperative awareness?  Well, you can't tell if Versed is causing amnesia either, but that doesn't stop you from letting patients SCREAM in pain does it?  You don't give a damn about awareness at all.  So this is just an excuse to use Versed isn't it?

If you had actually read my story you would know that I DID NOT SIGN AN ANESTHESIA CONSENT.  I would NEVER have signed it if it contained the three A's like you claim.  What is anesthesia?  You seem to have some weird idea that anesthesia is different than analgesia.  As for the amnesia part, that was MADE UP after it was discovered that Versed causes amnesia.  Before that people were either awake or knocked completely out.  Why is that?  FOR PAIN RELIEF YOU MORON.  That's what anesthesia is. Pain relief.  Amnesia has no place in anesthesia.  To use amnesia to pretend that your patients aren't suffering is cruel.

Of course I asked what "Vitamin V" was.  I had declined any sort of incapacitating drug, which is my RIGHT.  I also declined general anesthesia for my minor surgery, which, by the way, is best performed WITHOUT GENERAL ANESTHESIA.  Stop trying to twist what happened to me into some kind of normal occurance in which I was able to ferret out any details.  Vitamin V was explained to me as simply a muscle relaxant, not the chemical alzheimers drug, not the amnesia drug, not an incapacitating drug where I would be awake and aware, just forced into compliance.  Of course that wasn't explained to me because I had ALREADY DECLINED ANY DRUGS LIKE THAT.  Get off your damn high horse and read what I have written.

Versed IS being used to drive the cost of treatment through the roof as I have explained on this blog MANY times.  You medical people love it BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP.  Did you really think I didn't know that?  The drug itself is cheap so all that lovely money for "tiers of care", extra monitoring and all the rest is PURE PROFIT!  Any time the cheap sedation drug is used  THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS are added to the bill.  This is just another attempt by you to justify the use of Versed.  Or maybe you never knew just how much it costs to use your "cheap" amnesia and patient compliance drug.  I've heard that you people have a very narrow and limited knowledge of anything other than your love of the drug.  Are you aware of all the charges heaped upon patients as a direct result of using Versed?  Maybe instead of researching the cost of the drug alone, you should understand the other costs associated with it.  Round out your education.

For your information, I didn't need Versed.  I WANTED to be aware and have FULL RECALL of my minor surgery.  Why would you assume that I didn't?  Because it goes with your plan to poison all of your patients?  You are a bad person.  There is no excuse for using Versed even though you gave it the old college try.  Just because YOU claim not to want to remember your medical team torturing you doesn't mean that we all want amnesia.  If I were you I wouldn't brag about getting Versed many times...if you had read my blog you would know that I find it's mostly bright people who have a bad reaction to this drug.  The idea that you like it makes me think you don't have much of an IQ.

PS If your patient is going to have intraoperative recall without Versed then you are using the wrong "tools" in the wrong amounts.  YOU FAIL!  That's one of the reasons you use Versed, admit it.  You are a FAILURE at your job and Versed lets you hide it.  You just HOPE that the Versed works and the patient doesn't remember lying there in pain, paralyzed being operated on.  God you people are bad.

PPS Throwing in another personal insult at the end is absolutely what I have come to expect from our "caring" drug pushers.  You just couldn't resist a little dig could you?  For your information, lots of people with PTSD continue to have a problem with it well after the cause of the PTSD has ended.  You really need to do some research on it before you say something as disparaging as you did.  I have heard this so many times before..."get help". BORING.

Why don't you stop giving people a drug, KNOWN TO CAUSE MENTAL PROBLEMS (not just PTSD) to everybody?  You claim that nobody has objected to chemical amnesia, so either you are a neophyte or you are lying.  Everybody *I* know would decline an amnesia drug especially knowing all the problems and expense associated with it.  We all want PAIN RELIEF.  What person would subject themselves to torture whether they remember it or not?  Nobody *I* know.  I think maybe YOU should seek medical help for your narcissitic personality disorder.  I hear that it's nearly impossible to treat, but for the sake of your patients I do hope you will at least try.

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  1. "My Hope For Versed Pushers" is the post where this comment came from. The writing style is similar to another set of posts on a gardening site. If it is the same person, he/she is just as obsessed with USING Versed as I am about NOT using Versed.