Saturday, July 26, 2014

Midazolam as Execution Drug

Here in the United States the "cocktail" of drugs used in executions is a "secret".  No surprise here right?  People might get upset if they learned that their harmless sedation drug is used to kill convicted murderers, child molesters and the like.  If you look elsewhere in the world the drugs are identified.  I guess that overseas people are more brave, intelligent or something and are allowed to know the truth.  The truth is that Midazolam/Versed is used. has an article entitled "How are execution drugs supposed to work?"  Then the article goes on to name Midazolam/Hydromorphone as the drugs used.

Fancy that!  We here in the states are prevented from knowing this very pertinant information.  Do YOU want a drug used on YOU that causes a slow and painful death if given in large amounts? Almost all the anesthesia nurses LOVE to give Midazolam in large amounts.  They simply "jam a tube down your throat". (from the comments here on nomidazolam) In the Guardian article they interview an anesthesiologist who explains the death cycle from Midazolam.  It isn't pretty.  All you have to do is read the latest "execution" debacle using Midazolam.  Convicts are suing not to have this drug combination used as it is "cruel and inhumane" to use it.  How come it isn't "cruel and inhumane" to use this drug on unsuspecting patients who haven't done anything wrong to deserve such treatment?

If Versed/Midazolam isn't good enough to use on convicted felons for their death sentence, then it shouldn't be "good" enough to use on the general population.  This drug should be BANNED.

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