Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sean Hannity and the VA Scandal (featuring our favorite amnesia drug)

I've been listening to a couple of the widows of VA atrocities with attention.  There is one woman who was talking about her husband being beaten to within an inch of his life during an MRI scan.  He died shortly thereafter, but not before he begged her to get him OUT of the hospital.  She asked how it was that he was so badly damaged from an MRI know where this is going...  He says he remembered everything up until he got upstairs, then nothing until he woke up almost dead.  He couldn't figure out how he could have so many injuries and not remember what happened.  His widow mentioned that he had painkillers in his system and mentioned an "amnesia drug".  She said she researched the drug and couldn't believe that anybody in medicine had such a drug and would use it on her husband.  I'm going to be watching this story very carefully for more revelations.

The private coroner told the widow that the only way this guy could have sustained the life threatening injuries (and ultimately death) was 1) a car wreck  2) sports  3) a severe beating.  Paraphrased from what I heard.  Suppose this man had the same rage reaction to Versed that so many of us have had?  Is that how he apparently got beaten to death while getting an MRI at a veterans hospital?  He died 8 days after the Versed/beating was administered.

I'll write more when I have more time.  I want to hear ALL the details.  Connie Lonsberry if you are reading this feel free to contact me here:

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