Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Hope For Versed Pushers

I have a hope for all those nurses and doctors who routinely poison patients brains with Versed.  I hope each and every one of you gets Versed whether you want it or not.  (especially if you DON'T want it)  Further, I hope that you have a REALLY bad time with it.  I want you guys to experience the sleepless nights post Versed.  I want to share the rage, irritability and sense of foreboding that Versed produces in regular people.  I WANT you to be unable to perform your job because of trouble with your memory after Versed.  I want you to be paranoid about medical care.  I want your whole life curtailed because of the fear of doing something which will require medical intervention.  I want YOU to be on Lexapro.  In short, I want to share with you the brain damage caused by YOU!  I want your lizard brain ON FIRE!  I want you to suffer with the rest of us.

Medical people, don't deny yourself a fun trip with Versed just because of little ole me, talking trash about your drug.  Go ahead!  Pretend that it's all about "crazy" patients.  You aren't crazy now are you, so what possible harm could come to you by allowing Versed?  Don't let me or any of the other authors on this blog scare you.  YOU know what's best don't you?  So allow that Versed be used on you.  If it's good enough or "necessary" to use on us peasants, then why wouldn't it be a wonder drug for you?  It's a "good" drug, just ask any medical person.  Except for those of us who have a bad reaction.  Live a little, take a chance on Versed.

For you medical people who have had Versed and you say it was OK...try this.  Have your anesthesia provider give you lots more.  I think 10 mls instead of 2 would do the trick.  Especially if delivered all at once or within a tight time frame.  Ask them to sneak it into the IV without warning you.  If a little Versed is great, then more would be even better.  I think you should try the maximum amount like you give your lowly patients.  I want to encourage those of you with high IQ's in particular to get whopping doses of Versed.  Just think, if your "care giver" gives you enough Versed they won't have to use those dangerous pain killers.  You can just lie there in pain, trapped in a body which won't obey your commands.  Sedated into immobility.  Perhaps the incredible "stimulation" (pain) will keep your blood pressure up.  That's a good thing right?  After all,  you "probably" won't remember it, so it doesn't even matter how much pain you were in.

Don't you worry your little head about being unable to perform your duties after Versed.  Either from the emotional trauma or the chemically induced Alzheimer's.  Your field is set to go up in flames anyway because nobody can afford you.  Maybe you can drive a truck.

I want all the medical people in the world to subject themselves to Versed.  I hope it goes badly.

The bright lining is that once you have had the experience that *I* and others are complaining about, I will let you be a guest blogger right here on nomidazolam.  Won't that be fun?  You can write to me when you are obsessively hunting all over the internet for an explanation of your symptoms in the middle of the night, when you should be sleeping.


  1. This is ridiculous, you are clearly over reacting to the situation, Versed is not a completely 100% benign drug, no drug is, there are always possible side effects or complications with any drug, it is a calculated risk vs benefit ratio that must be considered and weighed with each patient based on their history and current condition.
    To accuse anesthesia practitioners as being malicious or deceitful by administering this medication is just ignorant, this medication is not given for our benefit, we are patient advocates first and Versed is one tool in our tool box to help prevent surgical awareness and recall. If you don't know, intraop awareness and recall is a major concern, mostly because if this occurs there is no way of us to know because during most procedures the patient is chemically paralyzed to protect the patient from injury related to moving while the surgeon is operating. Versed is an amnestic medication given so you don't experience intraop awareness or post op recall. Now call me crazy but I would much rather not remember being cut open or scoped or whatever procedure I would be going through and a couple hours of recovery time than to actually remember it all. By signing the anesthesia consent form you are giving us permission to provide you the 3 A's of anesthesia (amnesia, analgesia, and anesthesia), If you would like to know all the details of every medication you are to be given, ASK! I personally always tell my patients what versed does and to this date I have never had 1 patient say they don't want it or have a problem with temporary chemical induced amnesia.
    To say Versed is driving the cost of medical procedure through the roof is also just wrong, Versed is cheap (a box of 25 2mg/2ml vials costs approximately 54$, that equates out to $2.16 per 2mg vial (which is the typical premedication dose). The number of people that require the level of "post versed therapy" you are referring to vs the # that don't is minuscule, so to say it's a driving force in making huge profits for the medical field is just inaccurate, there is no conspiracy here to suck $ out of patients by giving them drugs that are going to have a negative long term effect on their psyche.
    I have personally undergone several procedures in which I have received Versed and have never had a single problem with it. To wish all those terrible things you speak of on another is just wrong, I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I would never wish the same on another if it were me that went through it.

    You need to seek psychological therapy for your issues if you haven't yet, five years is a loooong time to be this obsessed about one single bad experience.

  2. I LOVE this comment! It goes to show how little regard anesthesia providers (probably one of those crna's) thinks of us. I'm going to use this comment as the basis for one of my posts. Thanks anonymous for being so freakin' stupid that you have proved my point. Gotta love it.