Monday, March 3, 2014

A Reader's Example

I got this in an e-mail today and am sharing it.  There are a lot of similarities to my experience (and maybe yours) with medical workers and their drug of choice Versed.  I have not altered it in any way...

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My first and only Versed Experience:

On surgery day, I was told that prior to general anesthesia, they would give me "something to relax you, like you had two Mai Tais.” He offered I could have it now, but I declined, saying I was OK, thanks to techniques I’d learned in a “preparing for surgery” meditation CD. I’d also already turned down an offer earlier. When the surgeon stopped in and asked if I was nervous, I said I was “surprisingly OK” and went on about the CD. My husband remarked at my “amazing calm”, saying he was proud of me. I decided then I would gift the CD to the nurses and doctors afterwards to help them and their patients.

Then there came the burning in my hand as the sedative entered my body before they rolled me out to go to the OR. I commented on feeling some vertigo. No one replied. I decided to just be quiet from now on so they could focus.

In OR, I experienced a bit of a rough landing onto the operating room table as someone let go of me too soon. This time, I was quite surprised no one said "sorry”, or anything at all, to me. I wondered who all the people were in the room. I wondered when they would finally put the mask on me so I could count and go to sleep. I looked around at all the stainless steel and high tech equipment, thinking "cool". Then my memory gets weird…and ultimately I am smack in the middle of a conversation with someone as I “wake up”….Then the surgeon comes over, beginning with “You probably won’t remember this…” and explicitly details the unexpected issues they came across. I am self-conscious as there aren’t even curtains around the patients in this room and I can see a male patient just a few feet away.

Finally in a different room with my husband, the surgeon begins to repeat what he already said and is surprised I remember. I feel very nauseous. We go home. Almost immediately I begin experiencing a bad/"off" feeling, strange memory "snippets", heart palpitations, unexplainable anxiety, and mixed up nightmares that have real aspects to them. Like of people handling me in a way that makes no sense, and then in real life finding a tape mark where they were touching me. I strongly felt that somehow I had NOT been asleep for some time. Relatives assured me that there was no way they would keep you awake somehow and not tell you.

I finally called the hospital, half thinking I was crazy. I asked for an OR nurse but ended up with the anesthesiologist. He told me that it was rare for someone to remember so much and that yes, people are generally kept awake for some time in OR. Most think they slept. Most like this. He added the drug keeps you in a “relaxed, chatty state” but you have no memories of what occurred. "Don't worry, people don't give away family secrets". I asked then wasn’t it conscious sedation? “We can't say that, it's a spectrum".

My medical notes later confirmed the drug was Versed. Interestingly, the notes also indicate the patient’s state was “anxious” pre-op. I went ahead and checked the blood pressure reading from that time—normal resting range. The higher end of the normal resting range, but not high. My husband said flat out "'Anxious' is a lie, I was there". So no, I did not gift the meditation CD to the nurses or doctors….I couldn’t even listen to it anymore as it emphasized trusting the medical staff. I did. Now I don’t. Never again.



Of special note is the "relaxed, CHATTY state".  So, what are you "chatting" about in your drug induced uninhibited state that an anesthesia provider would have to make an emphatic denial of?  I think you ARE giving away family secrets for the entertainment of staff.  Of course you are, why else would an anesthesia provider SPECIFY what you are NOT doing, if you are not doing it?  He's lying to his patient.

As far as the "two Mai Tais" how many people are suffering blackouts and dis inhibition from two Mai Tais?  This is yet another lie designed to hide the true nature of the drug.  Absolutely FALSE to compare a couple of mixed drinks with Versed.  Any rational adult would say there is no comparison.  Medical people on the other hand are using this as a subterfuge to complete their mission of destroying cognitive function for their own pleasure.  They know perfectly well that this description is untrue.

My crna came up with the false "diagnosis" of anxiety as well.  He was the only person of approximately EIGHTEEN (18) involved in my care who noticed this non existent "anxiety".  It's a big fat lie, perpetrated by medical people who want an EXCUSE to use this poison on us.  Want to bet that it says "anxiety" on every single person's chart?  Any takers on that?

This patient was treated roughly by uncaring staff once they thought she wouldn't remember.  It fits in nicely because Versed is also used to prevent the patient from knowing how badly they were treated.  It's an open invitation to abuse by staff.  What do they care?  They know they won't be called on the carpet for their callous abuse of the patient.

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