Monday, July 3, 2017

Here is Obfuscation at its Finest

This statement came in my inbox at  This is how the medical minions try to confuse the issue.
"Propofol is in the same class of drugs as Versed. It has the same precautions and can cause the same problems." (quote Lance Baker)  


First, before I lambaste this statement, thanks for actually using a name Lance.  

Lance, Propofol is certainly NOT in the same class of drugs as Versed.  Versed is a benzodiazepine.  Propofol is not.  Propofol is in its own class.  I see that you have tried to obfuscate the issue by conflating USES of a drug, like anesthesia, with the CLASS of drug.  Yes Propofol is used in anesthesia.  Yes Propofol is considered a "sedation" drug and also a "general anesthesia" drug, just like Versed, but it is not in the Benzo class.  It isn't a benzo.

Propofol certainly does have the same precautions.  It's a powerful drug and can KILL YOU if used inappropriately, just like Versed.  The problems you speak of do not include the same rebound anxiety and the other mental problems that Versed causes.  The two drugs are entirely different.  It isn't fair to sweep every drug up into the "sedative-hypnotic" category and pretend that they are in any way similar other than method of action.  

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