Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bad Experience with Versed?

I know a lot of people who have had a very bad experience with Versed.  I'm asking any of you who are willing to talk about it with people other than me to please contact me.  Thanks, Jackie


  1. My son was injected with versed while kicking and screaming that he was allergic to versed...I also stood there screaming for them to STOP! Yet using hospital security they proceeded and injected him. 3 yrs has passed and the side effects continue...also when they got done they had my son hauled off to jail for scratching the nurse during this started because my son fell asleep in a wheelchair..(his father had been in ICU almost 2 weeks) security asked him his name (same as his father) and BAM! My son is mentally damaged and a felon because of this drug and mistaken identity......

  2. Oh Claudette, I am so sorry. What a disgrace.

  3. I needed general anesthesia and requested Propofol only to induce and maintain as I am highly allergic to all gases. I also said I don't want Versed. When I had it as a sedative, I vomited in the OR. I was awake for about 5 minutes near the end of my surgery then remember nothing more of the surgery, PACU or the 2 hours my husband said I just lay in my hospital bed not talking to anyone. Later I began vomiting then hiccuped continuously for over 24 hours followed by 3 days of nausea. The night nurse asked what anesthesia I had had and I answered just Propofol. She checked my records and said that I was also given versed. I had depression, anxiety and cried for 2 weeks. I requested my official meds record from the hospital 3 weeks ago and am still waiting to learn how much versed he gave me. I need to have surgery again but won't go to that hospital. Unfortunately it's the only hospital my long-term surgeon uses.

    1. There is no reason to need Propofol AND Versed. It's overkill. Your surgeon needs to steop up to the plate and demand that his patient be treated with respect if that's the only hospital he uses. Another suggestion is to tell the admissions people that a crna is unacceptable. I find the crna's (anesthesia nurses) to be insufferably arrogant and dismissive of the patient, while the doctors are more amenable to working with you. Demand a doctor. It's your RIGHT to have one.