Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Bale of Hay

I got this excellent post in my inbox this morning.

 Is Surgery a Risk Factor for Cognitive Dysfunction? | Medpage Today

Even though this is well written, it ignores the one thread that runs through all of this.  Sedation via Versed. How many of these people had a procedure featuring a beloved little "sedative" called Versed?   Like the doctor says "Have you ever tried to get a cat to look at its face in the mirror? They won't look..."  Ever tried to talk to a doctor or anesthetist about POCD after Versed?  They won't look.  These people squirt a drug into our system which causes cognitive dysfunction and then when the condition persists afterwards, they feign surprise and just can't put the two together.  So very many smart, well educated, experienced people in the medical field and they can't see "causation" in POCD patients.  It's perplexing, but thankfully there are a few that are sounding the alarm.

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