Sunday, February 28, 2016

Interesting Discussion

Here we have a question posed by a member of the public who takes exception to Versed's brain scrambling effects.  Two people answered.  Of note is the anesthesia person.  Look carefully at how little he/she cares about continuing cognitive dysfunction.  This should scare EVERYBODY!  Medical minions in anesthesia don't give a damn whether they turn you into a permanent vegetable.  It's not their problem, as shown.  These people are incorrigible.  Don't let these anti-social miscreants have their way with you.  The level of disdain they show for your brain function is out-of-control.  Let me ask you this: Would you rather be alive in a permanent vegetative state, with chemically induced Alzheimer's via Versed, or would you rather have a different drug which isn't KNOWN to cause brain damage?  The choice isn't live or die.  The choice is living with your brain intact or living without.

Alternatives to the drug Versed, Midazolam? | Yahoo Answers

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