Friday, July 3, 2015

Supreme Court: Third Bad Ruling, Midazolam

Well, we lost an important case against the drug Midazolam.  The Supreme Court has lost all credibility with me at this point.  The latest bizarre ruling is the one on Midazolam used for lethal injection.  Apparently there are no other drugs they could use for helping kill people other than Midazolam.  I have no real concern with Midazolam constituting "cruel and unusual punishment" for people on death row, don't get me wrong...but it is "cruel and unusual punishment" for innocent and trusting patients to be subjected to this poison.

How states are responding to the Supreme Court’s lethal injection decision - The Washington Post

Take the time to read the article.  Is this the drug YOU want used on anybody and everybody?  Want this drug used on YOU?  This is the drug of choice all over this country.  The use of this drug went all the way to the "Supreme" court as the horror show it is.  Too bad the black robes decided against us.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  This drug is too dangerous and has way too many serious side effects to remain legal to inject.  Into ANYBODY!  Ban this drug.

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