Saturday, January 24, 2015

Other Blogs and Pages

Here is a link to a person who was grievously injured by medical care.  One of those who suffered the iatrogenic disasters that I speak of from time to time.  He also goes into "informed" consent, or the lack thereof, another of my pet peeves.  Happy reading, if you can call it that.

Or if the link doesn't work,

Here is Pro-Publica's facebook page where you can share your story and talk about many different facets of medical care in today's world.

Don't forget author Elizabeth Bewley.  I have her books and I love them.  They are easy to read and are must haves for navigating the hostile medical field.  I can't encourage you enough to buy her books.  


  1. Just wanted to post a "thank you" for all your work on this issue. Your efforts to educate, raise awareness, comfort, understand and advise those who, like you, suffered in relation to the administration of Versed have been so helpful to so many. The open, heart-felt sharing of your experiences, combined with having to combat critics, cannot be easy to do, but you do it anyway. You are making a difference and promoting much hoped for change. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much anonymous. I'm humbled that you found solace in the words.