Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reminder About Why I'm Here

I write about a lot of stuff on here, related to medical care and Versed in particular.  Occasionally I have to remind myself and others about why that is...

I was viciously assaulted in a medical treatment center by lawless arrogant goons pretending to be angels of mercy.  I was never given a true informed consent.  I have had previous surgeries and I know what they are supposed to look like.  At no time was I EVER given one of these "informed consent" documents as required by law.  The hospital was cited for this and forced to update their informed consent language from the 1960's style "inferred" consent.  The alleged "informed consent" document appeared to be merely a blood transfusion document as shown elsewhere in this blog.  It was also obtained in a CLEARLY fraudulent manner by a nurse who was aware of the deficiencies in the document, but faithfully performed her duty in getting me to sign it.

I refused to allow any sedative type drug or to allow general anesthetic.  There was no "unless" in my instructions.  Since the NURSE who was in charge of my anesthesia didn't like the parameters I placed upon him, he went right on ahead with his plan, using the dirty trick of injecting me with "vitamin v" just a simple muscle relaxant.  First law he broke?  Not informing me of his status as a nurse.  I had the right to refuse him and demand a real doctor!  I absolutely would have done this had I known.  I don't want some nurse performing a nerve block on me, let alone performing sedation or general anesthesia.  (The latter was a secret carefully withheld from me.  I wasn't expecting to receive sedation or general anesthetic per my instruction and with the lack of a signed document agreeing to same.)

I had believed that I could deny sedation and general anesthesia.  Since I never signed an informed consent (to my knowledge, see above) I believed that these things would not be done to me.  Silly me.

The upshot of it all was that I got everything I had declined.  A NURSE performed the anesthesia, also without my knowledge or consent.  THE VERSED ALLOWED THIS MAN TO DO THIS TO ME AGAINST MY WILL!  If it wasn't for the Versed this excuse for a human being would never have been able to get "consent" in the OR by claiming I didn't object...  (...any more, after lots of Versed)  He left that part out.

I had an absolute RIGHT, just like any other patient, to dictate what could and could not be done to me.  They broke the law and circumvented the law with impunity.  THEY ALL DID!  The entire staff was in collusion to deprive me of my rights and to flout the law for their own benefit.

The rest of the surgery was a complete and total disaster as well, even though they got to do EVERYTHING they wanted and I had declined.  The side effects have been long lasting and extreme.  I had to have additional surgery to correct the first.  (see xrays elsewhere on this blog)  I got a life threatening kidney infection.  I have had to take prescription drugs and get counseling over the Versed induced PTSD.  It started with a smartalec, narcissistic, anesthesia NURSE with a syringe full of Versed, who, in collusion with the rest of the nurses, felt that "informed consent" was just quaint idea whose time had passed.  Just something to get a signature on, by any ruse, so that they could do whatever the Hell they want.  Never let anybody feed you this poison.  Versed is the 'gateway drug' to abuse.

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