Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comment Gleaned From Versedbusters

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anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Introduction":

I spent the last hour or so reading the posts starting from the very beginning. I stopped half-way through 2007 when I realized that I could not finish the whole thing in one sitting. But the little that I did read has reinforced what I believe to be true. I want to briefly report my wife's experience. She had a colonoscopy two weeks ago and was given 7 mg of Versed and 125 ug of fentanyl. Prior to the surgery, she was an active, intelligent, independent, strong-willed, and outgoing mother and wife. You name any positive human attribute and I know that it could be applied to my wife. However, in the two weeks since the surgery, she has been an absolute basketcase. She is prone to daily panic attacks, mood swings, and cannot perform simple day-to-day tasks. Never has she behaved like this, and I have know her for 28 years. I am a medical professional and have read a good deal of the scientific and anecdotal literature on Versed. I understand the neurochemisty of the drug at the molecular level and how it can alter brain functioning. Indeed, it is this basic scientific understanding that helps me to cope with my wife and provide her the emotional support she needs. I also understand that Versed only impacts a small proportion of the population who use it. However, for those whom it does impact, the effects can be terrifying. My wife and I are getting through this one day a time. We have resources such as family and friends who will get us through this. However, I did want to post my thoughts to relieve some of my own anxiety and also to reassure others who have similar symptoms that they are not "crazy" and are certainly are not alone. Thank you.


This is not a crazy person! This person correctly identifies Versed as the culprit in the decimation of his wife's mental health. It is absolutely unbelievable that a drug like this is used so indiscriminately in the medical field. It galls me that medical "professionals" continue to deny that this poison has side effects and in particular, these side effects as described by the above poster! This attitude amongst those who have knowledge of the myriad side effects of a whole host of drugs causes them to deride us because we report that Versed is unsafe.

Anybody who watches the minimum of television will see all kinds of drugs advertised. Each of these drugs has a list of side effects which almost always include mental problems occurring as a result of using the drug. Do medical people find it amusing that drugs touted as alleviating depression and such are also implicated in WORSE mental disorders than the problem they are meant to treat? Doesn't it follow that an "anti anxiety" drug such as Versed could CAUSE the very thing that it is allegedly used to "treat?" Any drug like Versed with such SEVERE AND PROFOUND EFFECTS ON THE BRAIN can absolutely cause problems. To deny this can happen from Versed injections, is a mental disorder of the highest magnitude. Only a mentally compromised moron would deny the horrible side effects of Versed!

Having some anxiety about medical people and their job of cutting you open or some other intrusive and painful procedure is NORMAL! Why are these same highly educated medical people deciding that normal and justifiable anxiety is a mental disorder that must be "medicated" with a monstrous drug such as Versed is beyond me.

I'll make a bet with you! If you go in for surgery and DO NOT exhibit any anxiety at all, I bet that your medical employees will write something in your chart about your "affect." If they don't remark on your lack of affect, then they will still ROUTINELY WRITE "ANXIETY" ON YOUR CHART! If you are not anxious, you are "crazy" and if you are anxious, (perfectly normal) then you need Versed intervention. You can't win with these people. They could care less about people such as the above poster's wife who react badly to their drug of choice. Medical people are wrapped in a cocoon with others of their ilk and will not or cannot relate to anything or anybody other than themselves. (Nor will they tolerate ANY criticism whatsoever! Not for themselves and not for their precious Versed.)

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