Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Been Four Years!

It's been four years since I was attacked in the hospital by goons who felt that they know what's best for me.  I am still angry.  Don't bother saying to "just get over it."  Nobody who has been party to this kind of total disrespect for a person's mind and body can "just get over it."  The unexpectedness of the attack, the attack from people I have always trusted completely, the complete disregard of THE LAW, the viciousness from my so called angels of mercy, the cavalier attitude about this kind of thing is just too egregious to bear.

I'm still ANGRY that I was forced into total submission and told it was for my own good.  Was it?  I say it was for YOUR own good because you people are too damned lazy and too full of yourselves to do a decent job.  We pay medical people a FLIPPIN FORTUNE and they can't be bothered with us.  They won't explain your procedure, talk you through any part of it.  All they can think about is how soon can they disrupt your brain function so that they can ignore you.  So, how much freakin money will it take to make you people treat us like human beings?  You CRNA's who think that you are all that;  What kind of laws and punishments do there have to be before you will listen to us?

Why don't you sadistic, uncaring, unfeeling, megalomaniacs tell ME how to get you under control.  You and your Versed are a big part of why medical care is so expensive, but you're worth it right?  WRONG!  You can't read, can't follow simple direction, can't perform your job without poisoning your patients, you have no "people skills," limited training, in short you are absolutely worthless.  Yet you feel you deserve a doctor's pay without the training or schooling.  I find you people beneath contemp. 

It is not ok to deliberately defy patients, ignore their medication allergies, inject them with brain poison and then sanctimoniously claim that it's for their own good when you know perfectly well that's it is just for your own benefit!  Morons.

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